Fuel Coming from Thin Air?

Based out of the north of England, Air Fuel Syndication has developed a revolutionary technology that can produce petrol from air. This company as presented their technology on the subject at the London engineering conference last week.

How this does this technology work so you ask? By using air and electricity to generate petrol, this technology works by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The process of doing this involves mixing sodium hydroxide with carbon dioxide before electrolysis of the sodium carbonate that it produces to form pure carbon dioxide. Water vapor is then electrolysed to produce hydrogen and the same is captured using a dehumidifier. The carbon dioxide and hydrogen are then used to produce methanol. The methanol is finally passed through a gasoline fuel reactor which produces petrol.

“People do find it unusual when I tell them what we are working on and realize what it means. It is an opportunity for a technology to make an impact on climate change and make an impact on the energy crisis and the world,” Mr. Harrison, a civil engineer form Darlington County Durham said.

The company call this synthetic petrol technology ‘Air Capture’. If this technology becomes successful at a larger scale, it would become a game changer in the fuel industry altogether, especially where there is a huge energy crisis in the world. The company has claimed to already produce 5 liters of petrol in less than three months. The companies future plan consists of building a large plant in the next two years which will be capable of producing on tone of petrol on a daily basis.