Do Foreign Car Parts Last Longer?

In the ongoing debate surrounding foreign vs. domestic vehicles, opinions are as diverse as the cars themselves. And when it comes to auto parts, those opinions are no different. Some people maintain that US-made vehicles are built with planned obsolescence in mind, making them wear out faster. Other people say that foreign cars don’t last as long because they were designed for smaller roads and less wear and tear.

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Salvage Yard vs Junk Yard – What’s The Difference?

Parting out a 3000GT non turbo

When it comes to salvaging automobiles, the enthusiast community is often left wondering why seemingly good cars end up in salvage yards instead of getting a second chance on the road. Whether it’s a rare or classic car or other cherished vehicle, it leaves car enthusiasts pondering the reasons behind such choices.

At Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts, we understand the emotional attachment enthusiasts have to their beloved vehicles. Our commitment is not just to salvage cars but to salvage their legacy in the automotive world, especially those hard-to-find or unique classics.

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ECM/ECU Buyer’s Guide

ECMEvery modern vehicle has an Engine Control Unit (ECU). Its job is to coordinate and manage the engine’s various complex systems. A faulty ECU can cause rough running and poor gas mileage and will eventually prevent your car from working at all.

This ECU buyer’s guide will cover everything you need to know. From common issues to diagnosis and replacement we have it all here. We’ll cover topics like:

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How To Replace An Engine Control Module

The engine control module (ECM) ensures that all your engine’s complex components work seamlessly. A damaged ECM can cause several issues. From poor performance and fuel economy to erratic running.

Once you have identified the ECM as the cause of your problems, replacing it is the only sure way to get your car running properly. In this article we show you the steps required to replace your own ECM successfully.

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OEM Vs Aftermarket Engine Control Modules – Which Are Better?

OEM ECMYour vehicle’s ECM or Engine Control Module (also sometimes called the ECU, Electronic Control Unit) controls several important engine functions. If you are looking to replace your ECM, there are both OEM and aftermarket options to consider.

In this blog, we investigate the differences between both options. And help you decide which one is right for your needs.

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