Readers Ride : Kris Champion’s 1995 Honda Civic

Honda Civic EX Readers Ride

Honda Civics are so popular in the modding community that often it’s hard to stand out. We have all seen Civics with turbos, body kits, altezzas and even air bags. Sometimes it doesn’t take throwing piles of money at a car to stand out. In Kris Champions case he’s taken a little creativity and created something pretty special.

This 1995 Honda Civic EX was saved from the crusher and started its new life as a bare shell. From front to back Kris used recycled auto parts to rebuild his car back to life. What makes his car really stand out in a crowd of imports is the use of camo tape on the body. Kris used digital camo duct tape to wrap the entire car and give it a unique look.

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Readers Ride : Marcie Ruiz’s 2000 Honda Civic


This weeks readers ride comes to us from Marcie Ruiz of Connecticut. Marcie has owned this car for over 9 years and continues to make upgrades to it every summer. As any car enthusiast knows, the Honda community is huge so standing out from the crowd can be very difficult. Marcie over came that by having Ron’s Automadness of Bristol CT give her Civic a unique pink and silver paint job that definitely stands out. Other exterior mods include an Eco 2 body kit, 17″ chrome wheels from Alloy Technologies, and Altezza tail lights.

On the interior Marcie had the interior trim painted to match the exterior pink color. Shes also added a 7″ Kenwood flip screen with DVD and has big plans in regards to finishing the rest of the sounds system. Marcie is a true Honda tuner at heart and will be sure to turn heads with her Civic for years to come.  Got a ride you want to see featured on our site? Let us know about it on our Readers Ride Submit form!

Classic Imports : 1982 Toyota Corolla Coupe E70

1982 Corolla Coupe yellow Yellow classic corolla

The Toyota Corolla was first imported to the US in 1968 and in 1997 Corolla became the best selling nameplate in the world after selling its 35 millionth car. Today we’re taking a look at the 4th generation Corolla, the last generation to have all RWD models. This post was inspired by Chris Peterson’s restored 1982 2 door coupe shown above. These cars are incredibly rare these days so seeing one still on the road in such good condition is extraordinary. Chris has done a nice job with his Corolla and has created a great example of a classic Japanese car.

The fourth generation Corolla was produced from 1979 – 1984. It came with 9 different engines world wide in 7 different models. From a 2 door coupe pictured above to a 5 door van, the Corolla lineup proved to be versatile. Over the short production run, the E70 received 2 front end changes that involved reworking the headlights from 4 round, to 2 rectangular lights and then finally to wrap around headlights in 1982. The 1982 model also got re styled tail lights and new bumpers.

The thing I personally like about this generation of the Corolla is the split rear quarter windows. It’s a unique thing to see on a car and it’s one thing that really stood out to me when I saw Chris’s car. I had never seen windows like that on a Corolla before and was eager to find more info on the car. Upon doing some homework I realized that not many of these cars still exist with split quarter windows making Chris’s Corolla a truly unique restoration.

Check out the gallery below for some other great examples of 4th generation Corollas. This is the first of many Classic import show cases we plan on doing. If you own or know some one that owns a classic foreign car let us know and we’ll feature it on our site.  Thanks!