Bumblebee Transformers into Chevy Camaro Limo

Messing around with Chevrolet’s Camaro is nothing special nowadays, but turning a fifth generation model into a party machine on wheels for hooting teenagers and desperate housewives is not something you see everyday.

Made for a company named ShowTime Limos, which is located in the city of Perth in Western Australia, the stretch limo was built on the Chevy Camaro Transformers Special Edition in SS guise, which means it’s powered by GM’s 6.2-liter V8 engine that offers up to 426 horsepower.

The Transformers theme is not only resembled by the outside appearance of this masterpiece. Once you get past the scissor-style front doors, of the gull wing-type rear doors, the inside of the vehicle is fully stocked with Transformer flare such as Bumblebee’s head in what assumes to be the bar.

The video below will take you inside this unique creation and show you just how great it would be to ride in this limo.