Red Bull Racing Pit Crew Breaks World Record by Changing Four Tires in Just Over 2 Seconds

Over the years, the time taken to change a set of tires during a racing event has been going down from a few minutes at the dawn of racing, to less than three seconds in modern times. Recently, during the Malaysian Grand Prix, the Red Bull Racing F1 pit crew changed the tired on one of their cars in a telemetry-confirmed 2.05 seconds.

red bull team changing tire

This beat an older F1 world record that stood at 2.28 seconds. Apparently, the record was beaten no fewer than five times during the aforementioned race, and now the former record is not second in the hierarchy, but it is actually sixth.

Set last year by Jenson Button’s team, the previous record was a documented 2.31 seconds time, while he made a stop during the German Grand Prix. It is worth nothing that these record-breaking stops do not include filling the tank with fuel, and only the tires are changed. Nevertheless, you can’t argue with the very high level of coordination and teamwork it takes to achieve something like this, and do it consistently throughout an entire racing season.