People prefer angry faced cars

A new study states that people prefer angry faced cars. The study used a rating called a  “power scale.” The BMW 5 series rated high on the power scale where the cute and cuddly Toyota Prius rated low on the power scale.

It seems that a study of 20 men and 20 woman rating 38 passenger car models see faces in the cars that were studied as do I, I have seen plenty of cars that have a distinguished face in the front end, and i’m sure most of you have too! The study was done on passenger cars only and not SUV’s due to a “hulking look” and would have skewed the results which I could understand. Some people see animal faces and also human type faces in the cars. The study may also be done in Ethiopia because of the lower car population there. You be the judge on the two pics I will provide here please tell me what you see from this BMW 5 series and the Toyota Prius!

Source: MSNBC automotive news