Lincoln Coupe Planned to be Modeled After Ford Mustang

By renaming it as the Lincoln Motor Company and adding its own design and engineering team, Ford is hoping to give its luxury brand, Lincoln, a new start. Automotive enthusiasts have been demanding for Lincoln to launch a rear-wheel drive model and their calls have been answered, kind of. Although Ford has a rear-wheel drive coupe under construction for the Lincoln brand, its development will be contingent on the success of the new MKZ and the upcoming compact crossover model.

If everything goes well, and the two new Lincoln models are considered a success, a Mustang-based coupe could be destined to debut as a 2016 or 2017 model. But those anticipating this model have to patiently wait. Lincoln will launch an all-new MKS, Navigator, and MKX before the rear-wheel drive coupe makes an appearance. Until Ford has the belief that its revival plan is working and will be successful, it is not likely that they will make any significant investment into the Lincoln brand.