Ferrari 458 driver Beats up Fiat 600 driver

So here’s a fun story from over seas. It seems even in other country’s some people are just angry no matter how much money they have. In Rome a 32 Year Old Ferrari driver is arrested for attacking a Fiat 600. Yes this is for real.

Ferrari 458 vs Fiat 600 $12k Fiat 600

Apparently the Fiat 600 was blocking this guys path and instead of flipping him off, the Ferrari driver decided to ram into the fiat with his $250k car. Nice guy right? So if you have the money, a little car carnage sounds like a pretty fun thing to do, especially with a Ferrari. A fiat is pocket change at that point, so replacing the guys car wouldn’t have been a concern.

This is a perfect case of when road rage goes bad because it didn’t end there. The Ferrari driver didn’t just run the Fiat 600 off the road, that wouldn’t have been enough for this guy. Instead he got out, smashed the Fiats window and proceeded to beat up the driver. Eventually cops made it to the scene but had to call for back up as the Ferrari’s passenger had also joined in on the Fiat beating.

Once the the Police had the scene under control, they found £23,000 (about $35,000 USD) in the Ferrari. Both the Ferrari driver and passenger were arrested. Police are still investigating the origin of the Cash found in the 458. I’m sure the Fiat driver is home recovering and possibly re thinking his Fiat 600 purchase.