Cars Versus Planes… Does It Really Prove Anything?

So you want to prove how fast a car really is. Instead of pitting it against another car of equal speed and lap times, what can really prove how fast a car is? Why not put it up against a winged beast, a power house of air superiority, yeah that’s right why not put it up against a Spitfire plane or a Euro Fighter Jet? Will this actually prove how fast your vehicle is or is it just stupid? Obviously we know that most planes well actually all motorized planes will be faster than a car in a straight line but what about when you add a bit of a handicap to the run?


First off we have a video of a 2014 Range Rover sport racing a Spitfire plane. The first problem I see in this video is that the Range Rover is racing on grass, he is going to have a slower take off and I doubt he will hit max speed on this rough terrain. Now I understand that they are trying to show their car is fast off road I just think it would have been better on pavement. To say the least though the video was entertaining and was great to see an old Spitfire in working order running hard to beat that Range Rover.

Our next video brings us to one of my favorite car shows, Top gear. Richard Hammond is in a Bugatti Veyron racing a Euro Fighter Typhoon in a 2 mile race, the Euro Fighter has to go vertical for 2 miles before it can return to cross the finish line. I have to say out of the production cars that are out there the Bugatti Veyron is most likely the best bet at winning this race. But I mean come on; you’re racing a damn jet! Don’t get me wrong I love the Veyron and it is my dream car but there is no way I think any car could win this race. Good luck Richard!

What would car vs. aircraft vehicles be without a Red Bull race? This video is a race between a Porsche and a Red Bull racing plane, need I say anymore? I mean really do I have to elaborate on this anymore? I think we already know who will win this race but the video is still fun to watch. The car and plane both start at opposite ends of the run way, the car must go from one end and back again and the plane must take off and go vertical until it can’t go any more and come back to pass the plane. Watch below to see who wins this race, if you still don’t already know who wins.

After watching all of these videos I just have to ask – What does this really prove? Great, a Range Rover is a bit faster than a Spitfire, Bugatti Veyron can’t beat a Euro Fighter, and a Porsche has no business trying to race a Red Bull racing plane. Don’t get me wrong these things, I guess are entertaining to watch for some people but I had more fun just seeing the planes fly and do what they do other then caring about the race, 99.99% of the population that owns a car will not be racing a plane and this is just irrelevant information. Put these cars in races that actually have some fun value, which Top Gear does all the time. Race it against another car in its category! Personally none of us are racing our cars everyday but I just don’t see the point of racing a plane/jet that will usually just annihilate anything it goes against on the ground.What are your feelings on the matter? What do you think of these challenges? Let us know in the comments section below.