Apple iOS Apps for your car! iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad 2

The iPad 2 is scheduled to ship in just 1 week. I felt this would be the perfect time to go over some iOS apps for the auto industry. Theres obviously endless uses for you iPod, iPhone, and iPad and endless reason why you use it or are possibly considering buying a new one (ipad 2). Not many people realize that when you take a break from playing Angry Birds for 7 hours straight, you can actually use your iDevice for something automotive.

Here’s some great examples :


Ipad and iphone car appsCar apps in the itunes store

Carminder makes tracking your family’s car mainence a piece of cake. You can track mileage, log repairs, keep a gas log, store notes, and manage multiple cars. It’ll even notify you of upcoming services you need to perform. It’s a pretty cool way to maintain your vehicles and works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  Check it out in the app store HERE

Cobra iRadar :

cobra iradar for iphone and ipod available in the app storecobra iphone radar detector

As far as I know this won’t work on an iPad but never the less, it’s a pretty sweet idea. Cobra offers a radar detector that directly interfaces with your iPhone or iPod Touch display. The app + hardware combo gives you alerts to your speed, redlight cameras, speed traps, and dangerous intersections along with full detection of radar and laser guns. Check it out HERE on the cobra site for more info.

Slaker Radio :

slacker radio iphone and ipad 2 appAutomotive apps for your apple device

I personally gave up on Pandora and it’s terrible song selection. I’ve traded my Pandora app for a Slaker Radio app and couldn’t be happier. I recommend having a Slacker subscription but the free version is also pretty good. If you have a car with iDevice integration then don’t hesitate to try it out. I’ve used it for a while not and rarely have problems with losing connection in my car. For those conserving data or in bad reception areas, it’s not a worry becasue slacker radio has station caching. Sweet!  Check it out HERE

Hyundai Equus iPad Owner Experience :

Hyundai Equus owners manual app

Selling owners manuals may be a thing of the past for us. Hyundai now offers Equus owners the full owners manual on their iPad. This to me is fantastic. I never bother to read an owners manual ever but I could definitely see myself bored on the couch checking this out. I may check it out now and I don’t even own an Equus. Worth a look HERE

TomTom U.S.A. :

apple apps for your carIphone apps for your car

It’s funny how far we’ve come in the last 6 or so years. 6 years ago I never had navigation in my car. I used printed MapQuest directions to get every where, and even before that I just got lost with maps. Now, I can’t go anywhere with out some type of Nav unit. It’s just so conveinent. If you’ve ever looked at Nav apps for an iPod or iPhone then you know theres plenty of them out there. I pick TomTom as my weapon of choice. I’ve tried the others and even keep Navigon as a back up but TomTom has the best routes and best real world experience out of them all. Having it on your iPhone is just awesome and updates are a breeze in comparison to updating a standalone unit. I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you own an iPhone 4, it’s really accurate. Check it out HERE

FUZZYCodes :

Car diagnostics on your iphoneCar diagnostics on your ipod

Trouble figuring out what your cars Trouble Code is? FUZZYCodes has the answer. A pretty straight forward app that searches for your DTC code and tells you what it needs. This is good for those of us that have the cheap $50 DTC readers from the local parts store. Check it out on iTunes HERE

Dynolicious :

dyno app for apple iphoneiphone ipod ipad dyno

Dynolicious is a cool app that uses the iPhone, iPad 2 or iPods built in accelerometer to measures your vehicles 0-60, 1/4 mile time, horsepower, lateral g’s and a bunch of other performance aspects. Devices that do what Dynolicious does have been around for a while and are known to be ok at being accurate. The biggest benefit to this app is that you can track progress. So you can get a base line of what your car is today, do some modifications to it and see how well those mods paid off. Pretty cool. Check it out HERE

Fuel Finder :

Find the lowest gas prices with your iPhone

Last but not least, Fuel Finder. Who loves today’s gas prices? Not many of us do. At least with this app you know your getting the best deal around. This will show you all the nearest gas stations and their current fuel prices. This app should pay for itself the first time you fill up. If theres one app on this list you can’t live with out, it’s this one. Get it HERE


DISCLAIMER – We’re in no way affiliated with any of these companies, apple, or iTunes. These are our personal picks. We don’t get paid for promoting them, we just like to use them and think you will to!