Compliment your car with a shiny new Smartwatch


Remember when a watch was just a watch? It was a simpler time of elegant time pieces with the sole purpose of telling local and world time. Today the modern watch is evolving into a marvel of technological advancement. I remember having a Casio calculator watch when I was a kid that made me feel like Batman when I wore it. All that thing did was crunch numbers where today’s watches can monitor health, show phone calls, text, go online and now even connect to your car.

The connected car is trending throughout the auto industry and what better way to connect to a car than the tech around your wrist? We’ve hit the point where hands free calling, voice recognition and iPod integration are all standard fair inside your vehicle. Now manufacturers are looking to the Smartwatch to enhance their vehicles.

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Traveling with your dog this summer

dog travel


Keeping your dog safe and secure in your car is important whether you’re just going for a quick trip around town or on a cross country summer adventure. An unrestrained dog can become a potential hazard and a serious distraction.

In 2011 AAA and Kurgo conducted an online survey of 1000 dog owners and found that 84 percent of survey takers allowed their dogs to roam freely in the car and 65 percent admitted to being distracted by their dog while driving. So, here are a few tips to keep you and your pup safe this summer:

Don’t put a pet crate on the front seat; airbag deployment could be fatal to your dog in an accident

Don’t leave your dog in your parked car, car temperatures can rise quickly in the heat and heat stroke can happen in minutes

If you’re transporting your pooch in a small pet carrier the best place for it is on the floor between the front and rear seats, if it was designed for use with a seatbelt then go ahead and put it on the backseat restrained with the seatbelt.

Make sure the tag attached to your dog’s collar has your correct information including a cell phone number.

Take a minute to learn of a vet in the area of your destination, also keep a pet first aid kit and health records should there be an emergency.

Before you set out on the road take a few minutes and do a little research on the best way to restrain your dog in your vehicle, there are many choices for harnesses some of which have been crash tested.

Have fun and stay safe on the roads this summer.

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Battery Check; The Temperature is now ZERO!


If you live in a cold climate like we do then you are probably getting pretty sick of the weather. You are probably experiencing cold hands, cold feet, high utility bills and heat that never seems hot enough. Think you got it bad? What about your car?! Sitting out there all alone as temperatures drop below 0. Chances are that salt covered block of metal is feeling a little neglected right now. No one wants to be outside messing around with maintaining a car during the winter.

Because really; ain’t nobody got time for that when it is this cold out.

But we all expect our car to be there for us in the morning ready to take us where ever we need to go. What can one do to ensure that happens? Check the battery! Car batteries take a beating in the cold weather. A weak battery can leave us stranded in a parking lot, cold and alone. Our cars might see this as payback but chances are you won’t be smiling about it.

So what is the deal with car batteries and cold weather? Well a car battery is box full of hazardous chemicals. Chemical reactions take place inside the battery to generate the power needed to start a car. When it is cold out those chemical reactions happen much slower creating less juice for the cars starter. A weak battery before the winter means a dead battery during winter.

Keeping a battery in check isn’t hard to do though. Stop by any big chain auto parts store and ask them to test your battery. It is that simple. If a car is starting to crank unusually slow in the morning it may be time to get it checked out. It’s probably fine but what if it isn’t?! Some would say to just pop the hood and use a volt meter but not everyone knows what that even means. It is much easier to hit the parts store on the way home. If it is bad they can replace it on the spot.

So even though it is freezing cold out there, don’t neglect the basics. Make sure your battery is in tip top shape so you don’t get stranded out there.

Sales Pitch

We do sell a small section of used car batteries locally but we do not sell them online or ship them. What we can help you with is a used starter or used alternator. Two part types that go hand in hand with charging and starting problems.  Get your battery checked first and then come back to us if it turns out to be something more expensive.

Know exactly when to sell your car

Knowing exactly when to sell your car is will save you money and hassle, assuming you pull the trigger at the right time. Selling your car too early might cost you money on a new car that you didn’t need to spend and selling it too late may cause you to put money into the car that you didn’t want to spend. There are a number of philosophies out there on exactly when to do this and a few are listed below.

When the Warranty is Up.

Car companies are offering more and more warranties, not just on brand new cars but also on used cars. Or at least offering warranties that usually will work on a car that has more than one owner. Some of these warranties are better than others, covering more of the car and lasting for a longer period of time or number of miles the car has driven. However, these car companies offer warranties like this for a reason, as they know after a certain number of miles or years, the car is much more likely to break down in specific areas and will cost them a ton of money in service. Meaning it will also cost the owner a ton of money in service. So consider selling your car when the warranty is up or, better yet, selling it a year before the warranty is up, so the new owner feels like they have a safety net when they purchase it.

When You Hear and Feel Some Differences.

If you’ve driven a car for an extended period of time, you’ll often recognize differences in the way it drives or sounds. On an older car, this can be signs of something that is about to go wrong, as parts inside the car may just about ready to give out and begin making a different sound. When you suspect this, you might want to take the car into a automotive center for a general inspection. If there are signs something might happen, you’ll probably want to get rid of the car before it does.

Run it into the Ground.

There are some very loyal car owners out there who never sell their cars until the cars just basically stop working. They will pay for the cost to fix their cars through a good trustworthy mechanic and hope that this is less than the cost of a new car payment in the long run. They never sell their car, or only sell it when it’s barely running, probably for scrap or parts. Sure they are driving around in a car that may or may not make it from point A to point B, but they have a lot of personal history in the car they drive. There’s something noble about that… even if they never know when the car might die on them.

Buying a used car? EricTheCarGuy is here to help!

Just about all of us have had to buy a used car at some point. A car purchase is fun and exciting. Out with the old and in with the new as some would say. Unfortunately used cars often come with gremlins from previous owners. There is nothing worse than finding hidden surprises in your new ride. This applies to cars from private sellers and dealerships. Not all dealerships are created equal and they can often overlook problems on trade ins and auction cars. Luckily there is some excellent information out there to help you make an educated buy. EricTheCarGuy on youtube has posted a 4 part series that shows exactly what to look for on a used car. This could save you thousands! Check out his videos below before making your next car purchase.


Tom’s Foreign Reaches 1 Million YouTube Views!

1 Million Youtube views

        2013 is shaping up to be a great year for us here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts. It feels like just yesterday when we listed that first part online and posted that first inventory video. This week we reached a massive milestone with YouTube as we hit 1,000,000 video views! February 18, 2008 is when we joined YouTube and uploaded our first video. I don’t think any of us at the time realized the impact video would have on our business. We started taking short walk around videos of every single car we inventoried. We then started embedding the videos into our eBay listings and later into our e-commerce site. Customers started to comment on videos to ask for more parts. eBay customers started messaging us for more parts to add to their orders. Eventually the videos themselves started to drive traffic to our .com site and Facebook.   Read the rest of this entry »

BUILT from eBay – Seriously Cool!

Built from eBay is a recent web series being produced by eBay motors. Four magazines are each building cars completely from parts sourced on eBay motors. At the end of the project, each car will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated to charity. The BUILT website has all the episodes (8 so far) and next to each video is a parts list of what they used in the episode. Check out the first episode below or check out for all the episodes and vote for your favorite!

Readers Ride : Kris Champion’s 1995 Honda Civic

Honda Civic EX Readers Ride

Honda Civics are so popular in the modding community that often it’s hard to stand out. We have all seen Civics with turbos, body kits, altezzas and even air bags. Sometimes it doesn’t take throwing piles of money at a car to stand out. In Kris Champions case he’s taken a little creativity and created something pretty special.

This 1995 Honda Civic EX was saved from the crusher and started its new life as a bare shell. From front to back Kris used recycled auto parts to rebuild his car back to life. What makes his car really stand out in a crowd of imports is the use of camo tape on the body. Kris used digital camo duct tape to wrap the entire car and give it a unique look.

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