Top 4 Ways to Decorate Your Car for Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for both kids and adults. One of the best things about Halloween is that it gives you a chance to dress up in a costume. Many people also take the time to decorate their homes for the holiday. For Halloween enthusiasts that really want to take it to the next level, why not decorate your car too?

Here are the top 4 ways to decorate your car for Halloween:

Decals and Magnets
This is probably the easiest way to decorate your car. Many stores sell Halloween themed window decals. Most people tend to put them up on their front windows or door windows of their house, but they work well on the rear door glass or back glass of your car too, as long as the driver’s view isn’t obstructed! You can also purchase car magnets and place them on the exterior of your vehicle. Always remember to make sure that they are in fact, “car safe”. You don’t want them to leave marks or ruin the car paint in any way!

Creepy Passengers
If you really want to freak out that guy waiting next to you at a red light, why not give some spooky dummies a lift? Think skeletons, mummys, scarecrows, witches, etc. There are plenty of Halloween props that can be purchased in stores or online, but they are relatively easy to make with materials from the local discount clothing stores. You’ll probably get some strange looks as you drive around town, but you may get away with driving in the car pool lane!

Dead Guy in the Trunk
This one is pretty easy, but be careful, your car might get reported to the authorities! Simply buy a fake bloody arm or leg and leave it sticking out of the trunk. It’s gruesome, but all in the name of Halloween fun for those that have a good sense of humor.

Mini Haunted House
Cover the car with cobwebs, spiders, and other creepy crawlers. If you have a truck, set up a display in the back with spooky characters. Trick or treaters will certainly get a kick out of it. If you want to take it to the next level, real people can hide along with the fake characters and jump out to spook passersby. This is fun for those super Halloween enthusiasts.

When it comes to decorating your car for Halloween you can obviously be as tame or as crazy as you’d like. It’s just another way to enjoy the holiday!