What is Going to Happen to Infiniti in the Near Future?

Nissan doesn’t need Infiniti: just ask Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer. In fact, during an interview with Ward’s Auto Palmer said CEO Carlos Ghosn recently challenged him, saying “We don’t have to do Infiniti, can cancel it if you want.”

But Palmer isn’t ready to do that, despite less than fantastic performance. On the contrary, Palmer lured former Audi U.S. executive Johan de Nysschen, the man responsible for escalating North American sales for the four-ringed brand, planning to do the same with Infiniti.

infiniti logo

A car that would sit above the current M model could be part of that. But Infiniti will go in a different direction where the Germans build flagships like the Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series, which he says are stagnating.

“I think many people would want it (due to compelling features and design), but it will occupy a premium-price position,” de Nysschen said.

On another note, apart from a flagship, he said a version of the Essence concept that gave style blueprint to the recently unveiled Q50 is also  possible. If there is one resounding message, it is that de Nysschen doesn’t plan to rush anyone.

“If you hold people’s feet to the fire, just for volume, you encourage the wrong kind of behaviors,” he said, referring to discounting cars at retail.

Image courtesy of Brett Levin Photography