What can you expect out of a new car?

Most of us rely on our cars for mobility. Everyone out there has a reason for buying a car whether its for a job, school, or just for fun. Today’s cars are becoming more and more sophisticated at every end of the spectrum. Budget cars are getting navigation systems while high end European cars are getting human recognition systems to help motorists avoid running people over. In our ever changing world of motoring, what should you expect from a new car purchase? Here’s a few things you should consider with a grain of salt when making that buying decision.

Fuel Mileage

The US is in the age of rising gas prices so auto manufacturers are using that to their marketing advantage. It almost seems like buyers are making decisions completely based on MPG ratings instead of common sense. Fact is that many ratings are of the best possible scenario which is rarely how the average person drives. Research the reviews of other drivers on sites like cars.com or independent forums. Find out what real people get for mileage before you set yourself up to be disappointed.

Performance / Spec Racing

If engine performance and power make a difference to you then I’m sure you’ve spent plenty of time comparing 0-60 and 1/4 mile times of each car you’ve been looking at. It seems like so often buyers get side tracked with numbers rather than car feel. Don’t let the numbers on paper deter you from buying an excellent car. Get out there and test drive it to see for yourself. 0-60 times are a great tool in your search but 90% of us aren’t out there racing each other so don’t let yourself get to caught up in the numbers.

Navigation or nothing!

Factory navigation looks sweet in the center of your dash but with nav packages costing in the thousands this may be a good place to save some hard earned cash. Consider the smart phone in your pocket to be a great cost savings over a full out OEM navigation upgrade. The iPhone TomTom app for example costs around $50, offers better lane assistance and gets upgraded way more often then your factory nav ever will. Also when the time comes to do a map update on a factory navigation unit expect to pay 150+ for a map update not including labor if you’re having the dealer do it.


In New England 4 wheel drive becomes a very popular topic when we start car shopping. Weigh your needs very close to figure out what you need. Do you need AWD for bad weather, and do you really really need it? Lots of people get by with FWD and even RWD in bad weather. With the advancement of tires and traction control systems just about any car can get around in the snow. Theres 365 days in the year and chances are your not driving in serious snow more then 15 of those. Don’t settle for a car or truck you hate just because it’s AWD and it’ll be good for a hand full of days.


Buying a car that you or a loved one may travel in is a big deal. You’ll be piloting your new 4000 lb car at over 60 mph so it needs to be safe. Research the federal safety standards and figure out how your prospective cars stack up. Look for safety features such as traction and stability control along with blind spot alert systems and back up cameras. You need to be safe and feel safe when you drive your new vehicle.


The single most important thing when buying a new car is to do your homework! Not to just get a good deal but to make sure your getting a car that meets all of your right now needs as well as your tomorrow needs. The better a car meets your needs the more enjoyment you’ll get out of it and the less likely you’ll be itching to trade it 2 or 3 years down the line.