Watch as Dog Learns How to Drive

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and its trainers has taught three dogs in New Zealand how to drive a car in hopes of demonstrating the intelligence of rescued dogs.

Mark Vette trained Monty, Ginny, and Potter how to operate a manual transmission, release a brake, and even steer a car. Obviously these dogs need assistance from their trainers, but that does not take away from this amazing feat that Vette has achieved with the lovable canines.

Five weeks of indoor training was the amount of time it took to teach the does how to tough and move brakes, shifters, and steering wheels. Once they have mastered the basics movements of operating a fake vehicle, these dogs were put in front of a camera while driving a real car to show off what they’ve been trained. It took seven weeks in total before these dogs were put behind the wheel of a real car. You can watch the dogs put behind the wheel in the following video.