Volvo to drop at least 4 models from it’s line up

Looks like Volvo is re positioning it’s business. Their focus in 2011 is to sell more cars in the US. To do that their shrinking their line up to just “Five or Six Models” according to Doug Speck, head of Volvo’s US operations. Volvo has had declining sales figures for the last 6 years straight. Fewer car models means more marketing dollars can be spent on each remaining model.

Volvo Cuts the V50 from it's line up

The only confirmed model cut so far is the V50 wagon which will be phased out of dealerships shortly. To be honest, I really liked the V50 wagon but surely wagon sales are nothing in comparison to say an S60 sedan. Nothing other then the V50 has been confirmed but we can speculate that the remaining models will probably be the S40, S60, S80, XC90, C70 and the XC60. Only time will tell.

Things should start looking upwards for Volvo. Between a smaller line up and continued model refreshes like the recent S60 update, they should reach their elevated sales goals in no time.