Volvo Joins the Communicating Car Front

To help build a common platform for vehicles to communicate within five years, Volvo had joined the CAR 2 CAR Consortium, which consists of several other European automakers. The goal of the consortium is to help create a safer and more comfortable driving experience by having vehicles share vital information with one another. Volvo has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the other members of the consortium to implement a standardized technology for vehicle communication from 2016 and onward.

The idea is that  regardless of make, the inter-car communication system will function between all cars. Communications between vehicles can take place by using a wireless network and existing systems such as GPS to make driving safer. Installations of transmitter in traffic lights and road signs will further extend the communication network.

Volvo is involved with several forms of new technology such as: Green Light Optimum, Speed Advisory, Emergency Vehicle Warning, Road Works Warning, Slow Vehicle Warning, Traffic Motorcycle Approaching Indication, and Red Light Violation Warning. With vehicles and traffic light able to want one another of an impending accident,  all of these technologies will make the roads a much safer place to drive. The video below shows an example of how these different technologies would work together to make a safer driving environment.