Volkswagen to shave 220 pounds from the seventh-generation Golf

Volkswagen has announced that they will shave 220 pounds from the seventh-generation Golf. They will be using a stronger metal in order to accomplish this. This will improve fuel efficiency by 23 percent. The new materials and production processes will be extended to more than 40 small and mid-sized models.

The new Golf is scheduled to be unveiled on September 4th, the company seeks to gain market share and overtake Japan’s Toyota and U.S.-based General Motors Co. to become world Number 1 in sales by 2018. Volkswagen has not said when the new golf will come to the United States. With the reduced fuel consumption, the new Golf will emit lower emissions, the new Golf will emit 13.9 less CO2 than the current Golf.

What are your thoughts on this new Golf? When it comes to the U.S. will you be looking at getting one? What is your favorite thing about the current Golf?