Video : 5 Year Old Drives a GT-R

Untill recently, the Skyline was a highly sought after Japanese car that wasn’t available in the US. The thought of owning an R33 or R34 in the US would have made any import tuner grin from ear to ear. The new age GT-R’s finally made owning one in America a reality and since it’s inception the import crowd has been at war over who loves and who hates the car. With questionable track times on its debut to horrific launch control warranty stories online, the GT-R has definitely been met with some controversy.

All that aside, these cars are known for their handling and all late model Skylines are known for their abundance of computers to make driving them completely configurable. So configurable that apparently even a 5 year old could do it. That’s what this video would want you to believe anyway. A great editing job by the author and a truly fun video for you Nissan fans out there.