V-Series Academy Driving School Opened

cadillac driving schoolIn order to allow Caddy enthusiasts the opportunity to take a CTS-V around the track in a one- or two-day course, Cadillac has officially opened its V-Series Academy at Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club to the public this month.

Located outside Las Vegas, Nevada, Spring Mountain features four miles of racetrack and 125 feet of elevation change. The V-Series Academy puts drivers to the test behind the wheel of the American automaker’s 556 hp V-Series family with a blend of car control exercises and on-track performance driving.

The V-Series Academy’s classes, which were designed by legendary race car driver Ron Fellows, are offered throughout the year and are limited to just a dozen students per session. A one-day session costs $1,295 and the two-day course costs $2,295.

“The experience of driving a Cadillac V-Series is extremely convincing,” said Don Butler, vice president of Cadillac marketing. “This new partnership with Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch opens a new experience in a truly luxurious setting for consumers to enhance their skills and put a series of world-class performance to the test.”