Updated Herbie Goes to Spain

Volkswagen launches a new Herbie-inspired special edition Beetle in Spain called the 53 edition. Just like the original ‘Love Bug’ this car features a white exterior with red and blue racing stripes. Complementing the paint job are the Type One 17-inch wheels, unique badging, and number 53 decals. The very high level of standard equipment that comes with it is what really sets the 53 Edition apart.

Original Herbie
53 Edition Herbie

You get all the available packages, which means in addition to the normal toys you also get technology features Park Pilot parking assist and tire pressure mentoring system.  An another fun little perk, you will also find a couple of 53 badges inside the cabin. This Volkswagen’s engine can be had with a 1.2 TSI, a 1.6 TDI and a 2.0 liter TDI. The 2.0 liter can also be specified with DSG transmission.

Image courtesy of froghunter