Toyota Tundra Accomplishes Mission of Towing Space Shuttle

Toyota’s America born and bred Tundra pickup truck completes its mission as planned and towed the power Endeavour Space Shuttle to its final resting place, the California Science Center. The stock Tundra towed the shuttle across the Manchester Boulevard Bridge in a dignified, but sad fashion. The Tundra relied on its 4×4 system and each of its 380 horses to complete the 120 mile route without embarrassing the company in front of the whole country.

“We’ve partnered with the California Science Center since the early ’90s as part of ouf ongoing commitment to inspiring youth in the fields of engineering, innovation and future technology, and we are honored to lend our support for this historic event,” said Michael Rouse, vice president of community affairs and philanthropy for Toyota.

See the video below to relive this historical event.