Top 10 Weirdest Laws for the Road

Driving laws are made for a reason and for the most part, they seem appropriate. But the 10 laws listed below make you think why they became a law in the first place. Coming from a national scale, these bizarre laws below were actually passed and make you wonder why they are still in place today.

1.   Don’t Try to Be a Magician. Even though this seems like an obvious statements, Alabama law enforcement must have had a problem with drivers trying to be magicians, because they made a law saying every driver must not operate their vehicle blindfolded.
2.   Not Too Keen on Pickup Trucks. Apparently the town of Park Ridge, Illinois doesn’t like to have too many trucks on the road. While this law is most likely ignored, it is illegal for your truck to be parked along the curbs or parking spots around stores and are only allowed to be parked in closed garages.
3.   Don’t Show Off. No one likes the sound of screeching tires going up their street, but this rings true even more so in Derby, Kansas. If you are caught screeching your tires in this town for a prolonged period of time, you could potentially get put behind bars for 30 days.
4.   No Cursing, Please. Maybe the people of Rockville, Maryland are trying to cut down on road rage, who knows, but they have a law that states any driver who is caught swearing from their car could be subject to a misdemeanor.
5.   Leave That Driver’s Horn Alone.  Though on record and mostly likely impossible to to from another vehicle, it is illegal to honk someone else’s horn in University City, Missouri.
6.   Give Cold Cuts Their Due Proper. The restaurant and deli industry in Little Rock, Arkansas must have had a bad history with car horns, especially after 9 p.m. Whatever the reasoning may have been, there is a law that makes it illegal for anyone to honk outside of an establishment that serves drinks and sandwiches after 9 p.m.
7.   This One’s Made for the Stunt Men/Women. California passed a law detailing that it is illegal for any driver to bail out of their car when going 65 miles per hour or more.
8.   Ice Cream Drivers Must Be Incognito. Some government official or neighborhood watch leader in the town of Indianola, Iowa must have had a few choice words for ice cream trucks and their annoying jingle interrupting their Sunday dinner because ice cream trucks are barred from operating along the roads.
9.   Make Sure Your Car is Spotless. Having your car clean is taken to an extreme in Minnetonka, Minnesota where if your car starts to flake off dry mud along the road or looks caked in dirt, you could be subject to a ticket.
10.  Don’t Drive Without The Essentials. There is a law in Youngstown, Ohio stating that a driver is subject to a citation if their car runs our of gas.
Images courtesy of Mog 08 and wickedgoddess