Tony Stark Dumps NRX, Returns to Audi’s R8 e-tron for Iron Man 3 w/video

tony stark r8 audiTony Stark’s brief love affair with Acura‘s new NSX-style roadster prototype, which was in face a re-bodied, first gen NSX, is over as Iron Man returns to the arms of Audi. Robert Downey Jr., the man in the iron suite, will sit behind the wheel of the battery-powered R8 e-tron in the third installment of Iron Man, which is due to hit theater screens on May 3rd.

In the second trailer for the movie, which was released on Wednesday, March 6th, Stark’s white-colored R8 e-tron makes a passing appearance in two different scenes, as well as a photo Audi released showing Downey Jr, sitting inside the car, just to make sure everyone has seen it. Watch the second trailer below to see this for yourself.