Tom’s Foreign Reaches 1 Million YouTube Views!

1 Million Youtube views

        2013 is shaping up to be a great year for us here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts. It feels like just yesterday when we listed that first part online and posted that first inventory video. This week we reached a massive milestone with YouTube as we hit 1,000,000 video views! February 18, 2008 is when we joined YouTube and uploaded our first video. I don’t think any of us at the time realized the impact video would have on our business. We started taking short walk around videos of every single car we inventoried. We then started embedding the videos into our eBay listings and later into our e-commerce site. Customers started to comment on videos to ask for more parts. eBay customers started messaging us for more parts to add to their orders. Eventually the videos themselves started to drive traffic to our .com site and Facebook.  Video has allowed us to be very transparent about where the parts we sell come from. It is a totally different experience when a customer can see a video during the shopping process.

Everyone here at Tom’s Foreign would like to thank you; our customer and reader for buying our parts and supporting our business! We wouldn’t be here with out all of you and we definitely appreciate your business. Check out some videos below and help us hit 2 million+!

Our first YouTube video

Trying something new

S4 in motion!

 Our stand-in narrator

Finally who can forget Santa breaking in (w/Audio)