The New Look of Domino’s Future Fleet of 5,000 Chevy Spark Pizza Delivery Vehicles

The Local Motors community of car designers and fabricators and Domino’s Pizza have elected the winning projects of their 5-stage Domino’s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge. Back in August 2012 is when the contest started, the final goal being to find the best design for a future delivery vehicle that would cost Domino’s franchisers around $20,000 to buy.

D Box2 11
In this final phase (phase 5)  of the contest, organizers wanted to obtain photo realistic renderings of Domino’s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle design in various specific environments, including a dusk scene in a suburban neighborhood, or a night scene in New York. Phase 5 was broken down into four categories: exterior rendering, interior rendering, best night scene and best branding. Marian Cilibeanu, a Romanian designer known for his work on the SCI hyMod concept was the winner of three of the four categories.

Sparkus 4With the jury appreciating the iconic design, great use of the Domino’s Logo and Out for Delivery sign and the improved functionality of the UDV, among other, Cilibeanu’s D-Box2 presentation won first place for exterior rendering. In addition, the project won first place for best night scene and best branding, and also ranked third for the interior rendering category, which was won by yet another Romanian designer, Ianis Vasilatos and his SparkUS project.

The bulls-eye window on the delivery door located behind the driver’s door was especially appreciate on the D-Box2 project, and it was see as the most original interpretation of the contest’s briefing. Aside from the prize money, the winning designers and the Local Motor community will get to see their ideas turned into reality, as Domino’s Pizza intends to add around 5,000 Chevy Sparks for its U.S. fleet, one for each franchised location. You can check out both winning projects in the gallery below.

D Box2 Concept

SparkUS Concept