The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Has Finally Arrived

Car enthusiasts everywhere about Alfa Romeo‘s return to its roots with the upcoming 4C series. A dealer meeting in Europe shared detailed information about the 4C, including preliminary pricing, production numbers and even the company’s plans to expand the range with Racing, Spider and Stradale versions. A reader from Carscoop named Anton Gjorsev received the rendering of the convertible model shown on the left.

4c spider alfa romeo

Gjorsev’s Alfa Romeo 4c Spider proposal for the most part keeps the sames lines as the coupe except it drops the center section of the roof and the rear windshield, under which, you will find a 1.75 liter turbocharged four rated for 240PS (equal to 237hp), that’s connected to a dual-clutch automatic transmission feeding the rear wheels. As a reminder, the coupe iteration of the 4C is rumored to debut in production-ready form at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.