Tesla Presents Supercharger Charging Station with Promise of 100 locations by 2015

Tesla Motors shocked the automotive world by revealing the ‘Supercharger network’. The Tesla Superchargers are quick charging stations that will be located along well-traveled routes in North America.

As of now, there are six active locations with plan of 100 stations by the end of 2015. According to Tesla, the Supercharger stations are designed to give electric cars half of a charge in approximately 30 minutes, which amount to 150 miles of range.

The six Supercharger stations are located in California, parts of Nevada, and Arizona and by next year Tesla plans to install Superchargers in high traffic areas across the continental United States. This will allow for purely electric travel from Vancouver to San Diego, Miami to Montreal, and Los Angeles to New York. In the second half of 2013, Tesla will also start installing Superchargers in Europe and Asia.

“The technology at the heart of the Supercharger was developed internally and leverages the economies of scale of existing charging technology already used by the Model S, enabling Tesla to create the Supercharger device at minimal cost. The electricity used by the Supercharger comes from a solar carport system provided by Solarcity, which results in almost zero marginal energy cost after installation,” Tesla said.

“Tesla’s Supercharger network is a game changer for electric vehicles, providing long distance travel that had a level of convenience equivalent to gasoline cars for all practical purposes. However, by making electric long distance travel at no cost, an impossibility for gasoline cars, Tesla is demonstrating just how fundamentally better electric transport can be. We are giving the Model S the ability to drive almost anywhere for free on pure sunlight,” stated by Elon Musk, Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO.