Subaru stops sales on three models. Recalls imminent.

Subaru stopped sales on 3 of their models; Legacy, Impreza, and Outback models. Stemming from numerous counts of the “brake pedal just not feeling right” from buyers of these new cars. The pedal was also noted as being to low. 3,000 Cars are to be recalled and sales will be withheld until the problem is fixed. Subaru has found the problem at the master cylinder is the culprit. The fix will only take about an hour.

The brakes work fine and there were no reported accidents or injuries due to the master cylinder recall.  Recall notices will be sent out within the next couple of days for the customers that received their cars already. The stop sale was put into affect on November 25th and will hopefully be lifted next week. Most of the vehicles with this problem were produced in the Lafayette, Indiana plant. The 3,000 recalled vehicles are about 4 days worth or sales.

So If you own one of these vehicles expect a recall notice soon. Or call your local dealer to see if your car is one of these models to be recalled.