Speeding downhill on a Porsche bobsleigh

Porsche presented its plastic bobsleigh this year as a follow up from there award winning aluminum bobsleigh for kids. Yes you did hear this correctly, Porsche makes bobsleighs. As this may come as a shock to you as it did me this bobsleigh looks pretty awesome.

It has a nice sleek design and optimal camber for the rails this thing must be a rocket going down a hill. Steering this high speed downhill self powered rocket is a breeze with its 4 handles to steer with and low center or gravity, I’m sure it doesn’t take long for you to hit your terminal velocity.   The bobsleigh is also steered by shifting your weight and by appropriate leg movement.  By using the middle handle by the head end you can also control your braking.

It was tested by German safety standards agency. Now you know those guys had fun testing this thing out! I’m sure they get to test a lot of other high speed sleds also!  Take a look at the pictures of the bobsleigh right here.