Six Things You Should Never Tell a Car Salesman

There are some things that you should never tell a car salesman. Not all car salesman are deceitful  but their paycheck depends on how weak their customers are and how much they can up sell their vehicles for. A car salesman can be your best friend if they find you your dream car, but to get it at a good price there are six phrases you should not mention around them:

1. “I’m just looking for another ‘knock-around’ rig.”

This phrase tells the car salesman that you have money to burn and that you probably don’t think about budgeting when it comes to buying cars.  It also explains to them that you have a number of different vehicles for different occasions and trips. The car salesman will get the message that you are shopping for looks over value and they will feed into that trait.

2. “I’ve never done this by myself before.”

No matter who you are, whether your a young adult that is upgrading their first car they got in high school, or a soccer mom that normally takes her husband with her to look at cars, this statement shows the car salesman that you have absolutely no idea what your doing. The car salesman will assume that all you know how to do it sign for a car that will catch your eye. They will do exactly that, find the most overpriced car and get you to buy it so they can get a big fat commission check off of you.

3. “Do you have this model in red?”

This says to the car salesman that all you care about are the aesthetic qualities of the car and not the dependability, warranties or value. The salesman will immediately show you the newest version of the car in the color you want. If you don’t jump at the opportunity, they will hand you over to a junior salesman or say “Feel free to look around” because they won’t think that you are a serious customer. 

4. “We bought our last vehicle like this at a dealership in …”

It is possible that when a car salesman hears about where you are really from, he will adjust the price to something that would seem like a great deal from that area, but are still overpricing you.

5. “I need a car for college.”

This is a red flag for the car salesman telling them that  you want something flashier that you can handle. Knowing that your going to college, the car salesman will assume that you are not paying for the vehicle yourself and will push the limit more.

6. “Is this a good vehicle for cross country?”

This statement leads the car salesman to ask for more than the market price to cover the warranty use when you were out the vehicle. The salesman is expecting that the company will have to cover the repair costs while the vehicle is still under warranty since you plan to put so many miles on it.

Image courtesy of misterbisson