Say Goodbye EVO Fans, Time for a new breed

mitsubishi ends production on the lancer evo

If you’ve been eye balling a new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for a while, it’s time to make the purchase or forever hold your peace. Mitsubishi will be pulling the Evo from it’s line up of mid level cars not many people want to drive. The companies global product director, Gayu Eusegi claims “There is still a demand, but we must stop”. “Our influence now is EV technology” explained Eusegi.

As the world scrambles to find alternative means of power, expect more companies to put an axe to our beloved turbo breathing rocket ships. Personally I’m all for an electric car provided my electric bills don’t skyrocket. With that said though, I don’t want an electric car with a 0-60 time of 20+ seconds or a range of 140 miles.

Hopefully Mitsubishi has a good game plan to tackle the electric car game. Maybe they have something up their sleeves that will catch the attention of us car guys again. Expect to see a slight increase in STI and WRX sales to come over the next few years.