How To Replace A Toyota Camry Alternator

Is your Toyota Camry alternator giving you problems? Then it’s best to replace it before it fails completely. Getting a new one installed by your mechanic can be pricey. But you can save money by replacing it yourself with a guaranteed used OEM part from Tom’s. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this sort of job before. Our step-by-step guide will show you exactly what to do. You only need a few tools and one of our guaranteed used Toyota Camry alternators.

Is Your Alternator Faulty?

The alternator powers your car’s auxiliary components while you are driving. If your alternator is failing, you will notice the following symptoms:

  • Dead battery
  • Accessories malfunction or operate slowly – radio not working or power windows moving slowly
  • Rumbling or howling sounds from under the hood – alternator may have a failed bearing
  • Difficulty starting the car
  • Battery warning light on dashboard

Get A Quality Used Alternator From TOMS

Once you have confirmed that your alternator is faulty, it’s time to get a replacement. OEM parts are always a good idea, but buying new can be expensive.

Getting an aftermarket part may be cheaper, but they might not work the same or fit right. You also run the risk of damaging other components.

The most cost-effective solution is to buy an original used alternator from us. We stock alternators for a wide range of Toyotas, including Camrys. And every part we sell comes with a 6-month part guarantee.

We are the country’s largest online dealer of used foreign auto parts. And our entire inventory is online. That makes finding the right part for your 2011 Toyota Camry as simple as clicking right here. If you need an alternator for another Toyota model, then take a look at our stock here.

The Right Tools For The Job

It’s best to have all the necessary tools on hand before you start on the job. The list below is for the 2007-2011 Camry. But most Toyota models require similar tools.

  • 8, 10, and 14mm wrench
  • Slotted screwdriver
  • 10, 12, 14, and 19mm sockets (socket extensions are a good idea too)
  • Breaker bar for alternator belt removal
  • Torque wrench

Replacing Your 2011 Toyota Camry Alternator

Once the tools and replacement alternator are ready, it’s time to remove the failed part. The time it takes will depend on your level of skill and the exact location of the alternator. Budget on up to 2 hours if this is your first time.

  • Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable (10mm nut)
  • Remove the alternator belt by loosening the tensioner with a 19mm ratchet or breaker bar (leave belt on the other pulleys)
  • Disconnect electrical connectors and wiring harness from alternator (two to three connectors requiring a screwdriver and 10mm socket)
  • Remove bolts securing the alternator to the engine. 12-14mm bolts on most Camry models
  • The alternator can now be removed. It usually requires some gentle jiggling – make sure not to damage any of the cables
  • Install the replacement alternator by following steps 1-5 in reverse order.

Toyota Camry OEM Parts At A Fraction Of The Cost

Replacing your Toyota Camry alternator with a used original part will ensure that it works just as the manufacturer intended. Our 6-month money back guarantee gives you peace of mind, and our quality used parts can save you up to 75% off OEM prices.

TOM’s has been selling perfectly good used parts for over 30 years. Take a look at our extensive list of used Toyota alternators online and order yours today.