RECALL – Infiniti Q45 Side Air Bags 2003 – 2005

Hold on to your seats Q45 drivers, Nissan’s recalling over 5500 cars. Nissan reports a possible problem with with the electrical connector on it’s side air bag systems. The mounting position of the connector allows small movement between male and female half can create the possibility of oxidation on the metal pins. This creates a poor electrical connection which could result in air bag failure during a side impact.

2003 to 2005 Q45 recall

The fix involves moving relocating the connector and applying epoxy to the plugs to eliminate any movement or oxidation. Nissan estimates that most affected cars have already been fixed during routine maintenance. If you or some one you know owns an Infiniti Q45 then a quick phone call to the nearest dealership will get you an appointment to fix the problem. Don’t ignore this! It’s a free fix to a serious safety issue.

Image Courtesy of Jacky W