Ready for summer? Stock your car with the essentials!

With summer just around the corner here is a list of a few helpful things to keep in your car. No doubt you will be running from the playground to little league practice and everywhere in between, why not be prepared for what summer might unexpectedly throw at you.

Daytona Beach

Sunscreen: We all know sunburns are painful and with skin cancer rates on the rise it’s a good idea to have a bottle of sunscreen with you at all times.

Bug Spray:  Mosquitoes can ruin the fun of an afternoon at the park in just seconds.  Keep from being made into a meal with a quick spray before you leave the car.

Towels:  Whether you end up at a backyard pool party or find a river on a hike for your kids and dog to play in you will be thankful you have a few towels in the car to dry off and protect your seats.

First aid kit:  Scrapes and bumps are an inevitable part of playing at the beach or on the playground.  A small supply of band-aids and ointment spray will ensure you will be able to play all day and not have to run home early due to a skinned knee.

A blanket:  When you find yourself cheering for the local little league team a blanket to sit on will be much better than sitting in the wet grass.

Purchase a plastic tote from the local home good store and fill it with all the above mentioned supplies for a fun and carefree summer.

Photo courtesy of Robert S. Donovan