Can You Trust Used Auto Parts Sites?

Used auto parts suppliers are sometimes viewed with suspicion by prospective customers. This is partly down to the shady business practices of a few companies. Most crooked companies don’t last very long, though, and Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts has been in business for over 30 years.

We have based our entire business on providing quality used parts at great prices. Read on to see how we ensure that our customers get the best possible service every time they buy from Tom’s.

What Makes Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts Different?

Price. Quality. Fitment. These three things are what matter most to our customers. And we make sure that we deliver at every level thanks to the following business practices:

  • Offering quality used OEM auto parts at up to 75% below new prices
  • A Comprehensive Guarantee Policy to ensure peace of mind
  • Pictures of every part in our inventory let you pick the right part every time
  • Every part in our inventory is documented and available online
  • Easy-to-follow cut sheets to make sure you get exactly what you need

Tom’s Industry Leading Guarantee

We make every effort to stock only quality used parts. But life comes with no guarantees. Unless you buy from Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts. We offer a comprehensive guarantee on every part we sell. Giving you peace of mind and saving you money.

Our Parts Guarantee

  • 6-month money-back guarantee on everything
  • Optional extended part and labor guarantee on drive train parts
  • Optional lifetime guarantee on all other parts

Picture Perfect Parts

  • Every part we stock is photographed (like the axle assembly pictured above)
  • We video every vehicle we buy
  • Every part we have available is cataloged online

Many used auto parts dealers use generic images for their stock. Sometimes they don’t even bother putting up a picture at all. That’s because documenting every part correctly is very time-consuming. Especially when you have over 50,000 parts in stock.

At Tom’s, we know the value of having the correct image for every part. We use wireless camera technology, custom photo booths, and custom software to catalog every part in our inventory.

Each part that we handle off the car gets cleaned and photographed. Only then is it stored inside our warehouse. We’ve taken over 1 million photos over the years, and we video every vehicle we buy. The time we take to do this saves you time in the long run. If your used auto parts supplier isn’t willing to go the extra mile, where else are they cutting corners?

Cut Sheets Are Key

Getting the right OEM body panel for your vehicle the first time reduces hassle and saves you money. To ensure this, we require that you fill out a cut sheet when you buy body parts from Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts.

If it’s your first time buying used OEM body parts, you may wonder what a cut sheet is. It’s simply a form where you fill in your vehicle’s details and mark the parts you need on a diagram. Selecting the exact part you need allows us to get the right sections for you.

The cut sheets are available for download right here. If you need help filling them out, then simply follow the instructions here.

Then send the sheet back to us:

Fax: 203-755-4698


It’s as simple as that.

Trust Tom’s For Quality Used OEM Parts

Buying used auto parts from a trusted source will save you time and money. Make sure you only buy from a supplier that offers a solid guarantee and a properly documented inventory.

So, stop looking for hard-to-find parts and get in touch with Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts today! We stock parts for a broad range of foreign makes. And we have been providing quality used OEM parts for over 30-years. Our industry leading guarantee will give you peace of mind. While our prices will save you a bundle compared to new OEM parts.