Peugeot’s Smile Saves a Dog’s Life Again

The smiley-shaped grille of older Peugeot cars might not look the greatest but it surely has proved its worth when it comes to saving dogs’ lives. It is unfathomable that for the second a time, a pup lived after being hit by a Peugeot 307 compact hatchback. The dog was allegedly hit at a speed of 90 km/h (56 mph) and yet was still able to walk away from this crash.

After being hit by the car,  the dog was found trapped behind the Peugeot’s gaping front grille, where then the driver and passenger were able to safely remove the pup. It might have been better for the four-legged animal if its “heroes” had taken time to remove the grille or even the bumper instead of dragging the dog through the hole it made during the crash. Nevertheless, the dog was able to walk away from the scene which is shown in the video below.