Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit Review

Last year I decided to pick up an Obutto Racing seat and got some time to write up a review on it and give some of my thoughts on the hole experience of buying and owning one. I’ve been playing racing games for years but have only been using a wheel for about a year now. Prior to the Obutto, I had my G27 mounted to a pretty standard computer desk.

Before reading this review please remember we have no association with Obutto or anyone selling the racing seat. This is a completely unbiased review from my own personal experience with the seat that I’ve grown to love dearly.

 g27 desk mounted  Obutto unboxed and set up

I’m not an expert when it comes to racing sims but after buying the G27 I got hooked. I had plans of squeezing a racing cockpit into my already crowded computer room. I looked mostly at the Playseat and liked the NASCAR editions of it but the price really started adding up. The standard Playseat was $339.00, Shifter mount was another $45, seat sliders for $50, and then on top of that I had to buy the additional Monitor mount for another $200. So I was looking at $634 before even thinking about the shipping charges.

My biggest issue in researching the Playseat is that I wanted something that had a built in Monitor mount so I could just move the hole assembly with out having to wall mount a TV or anything like that. The problem with the playseat is that there’s very little info around the net in regards to the Monitor mount. I assume because it’s an additional $200, it’s probably not a big seller. I was really worried about clearance of the pedals being that the mount looked like it really boxed in the pedal tray.

Luckily for me, I stumbled upon the Obutto. At first it looked to much like a desk for me. The first pic of it on their site really makes it look more desk like. After some further review though, I realized that it looked like a complete package that wasn’t just well priced, it seemed like a steal in comparison to others. At right around $400 this seats got everything you would need to get setup.

It comes complete with the Seat, Monitor mount, shift mount and keyboard tray as standard equipment. On top of that you can get the additional triple monitor mount, flight control mounts, and acrylic table top. This makes for an incredibly adaptable rig, maybe the most adaptable period. For an average user that isn’t looking to spend thousands on gaming rigs, the Obutto made the most sense.


I didn’t take in depth pictures of un boxing and assembly. It amazes me the will power some people have to do that upon receiving new stuff. There are however some already well done write ups of it being un boxed and assembled. The best one I’ve seen is located HERE. It’s another really well done review of the Obutto that’s definitely worth checking out.

I did find a few note worthy things during the assembly though. It took 2 of us about 15 minutes to unwrap everything which is good, absolutely nothing was damaged in anyway from shipping. I had a helping hand putting it together which I would probably recommend to others. For the most part its a one person job but mounting the seat can be a real project with out a helping hand. Last but not least, plan for this to take a while. Not just in assembly but in over all set up. It’ll take you a while to get everything adjusted to your liking. It took me a good week of using it and playing around with it to really be 100% happy with everything.

The coolest part of the Obutto is again it’s ability to be changed really easily, the Shift mount and keboard mount can be used on either side of the seat. They can also be moved forward and back as well as up and down. The steering mount can also be easily removed if you wanted to switch from racing to flight controls. There’s no need to buy a new rig or have multiple ones if your a flyer and a driver.

Since the entire frame is powder coated, some of the adjustments are hard to make at first. Over time though as the powder coating wears down, it will get easier. The only point that this is really an annoyance is in the keyboard tray. It’s a part you’ll be raising and lowering a lot. A little grease would probably free it up a lot or just over time as things break in.

I ended up hard mounting the pedals to the pedal tray to keep them from moving. If your mostly using paddle shifters and just standard left foot breaking with out the clutch then you’ll be fine. If you plan on heel toe shifting a lot you’ll want to hard mount them. Reverse mount (upside down) is an option also but takes more work and isn’t something I’ve tried yet.

On a negative note, the assembly instructions aren’t very well done. It would have been really confusing if I hadn’t already spent time checking out the seat and how to construct it before ordering it. So I definitely recommend taking a good look at how it’s set up while your waiting for yours to arrive.

My Full Setup

Obutto Cockpit
ViewSonic VX2739WM 27″ Monitor
Sony PS3
Sony Viao CW Series Laptop
Logitech G27 Wheel
Logitech Z5500 Surround Sound
Mono Price Speaker Stands
Logitech M510 Mouse
Logitech DiNovo Edge Keyboard
Balkin BG108000-04 Remote Controlled Surge Protector
Aluratek AVW02H 2-Port HDMI Switch

Logitech Z5500 Owners – The mono price speaker stands work great for a cheap stand. You will have to take your speakers apart to make it work but it’s very easy to do. It’s really hard to find stands that will work with the Z5500 so for $12 a set the monoprice ones are a great deal. You can find the stands at Mono Price and to give credit where it’s due, I found these stands on the Logitech support forum Here.

Let’s Get Racing!

Let me say that if you don’t already have a wheel, GET ONE! If you love racing games, cars, or just driving, having the wheel gives your games a hole new life. Now add that wheel to a racing seat like the Obutto and you’ve got yourself endless hours of fun. A desk mounted wheel was alright but there’s no replacement from having a full fledged racing set up.

With the G27 pedals hard mounted I have plenty of room to heel toe shift with out hitting the frame. The adjustable pedal tray moves up and down slightly also to angle the pedals for comfort. Other adjustments at the front part of the frame include being able to raise and lower the monitor mount and adjust the steering wheel position. One down side is that moving the wheel higher means it’ll be closer to you but I haven’t really found that to be a down side. I can always get the wheel in a place that feels right.

The Obutto seat it self is very comfortable and the hole setup gives just the right amount of adjustments to get in a comfortable race position. Comfort was a concern for me and even though I’m 6’2 I can still get very comfortable with room to spare. I’ve spent hours on end in this seat playing NASCAR and F1 games with no discomfort from the seat or seating position.

I really can’t say enough about the build quality and amount of amusement I get from this seat vs what I paid for it. The price just can’t be beat. It’s taken racing games to a hole new level and now I find myself spending a lot more time with each game getting to know its driving characteristics. As a kid, I’d always go to the arcade and spend all of my money on the Cruisin’ USA or whatever other racing game they had but now I’ve got it right in my own home which is pretty cool.

PC Usage

The Obutto comes standard with a very versatile and usable keyboard tray that makes this racing seat a multi purpose addition to your house. Taking up a space in your home is easier when it you can justify it to your wife by saying it’s a desk. The seating position as a desk is just as comfortable as it is for racing. The keyboard tray swings and adjusts up and down. It can also be moved forward and backward all though that requires some tools to adjust. All in all with the right monitor(s) this can make a great rig for working, gaming, and cruising the internet.


The Obutto can’t be beat for price and versatility. Out of the box it comes with the shift mount, monitor mount and keyboard tray. You can opt for a triple monitor mount, table top, and flight controls all at reasonable prices. The Obutto takes you to a level of gaming you’ve probably never been a part of before while not breaking the bank. With very little negatives to this seat it’s hard to even look at other seats on the market. Unless your going for a full fledged motion simulator there’s no reason to look any further.

For more info check out the Obutto website at www.obutto.com