New York City Adopts A new line of Nissan Taxi Cabs

Earlier this month New York announced that it had chosen it’s Taxi model for the next 10 years. The Nissan NV200 van is set to start replacing the NYC cab line up as soon as 2014.This compact commuter van will be a nice change from the large yet some how cramped american sedans it replaces. The NV200 offers New Yorkers a lot more for their money with USB charging ports, a glass panoramic roof for great views of the city, large package and luggage capacity and sliding doors to make entering and exiting the cab a little safer for those pedaling around you.

This is great news for Nissan who is sure to reap some free exposure when these new Cabs become the face of NYC. They’ll not only be every where on the streets but hollywood will surely start using them for movies that are set in the big apple. Even better for Nissan is that many other cities look to New York when they make desicisions on their Taxi programs and many of the large Cab companies around the country like to keep their cars uniform.

Among the obvious benefits Nissan will see from this partnership with NY is that the demand for these convenient little vans may spew over to Nissan’s retail business. The introduction of a consumer model of this van in the US is pretty likely now making the added Cab exposure a great advertising tool.