Mustang Themed Pinball Machine Will Debut at Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago auto show won’t only be debuting cars this year; there is a new Pinball machine by Stern that will be debuted. Stern Pinball has made a Ford Mustang themed pinball table. Stern got together with Ford to make this table to celebrate the 50 years of the Ford Mustang. It will debut today February 6th and will go on sale in March.


The machine will be offered in three styles, the first is the pro-level machine that is made for arcades and public spaces and will retail for $4,995. The cabinet background art by Camilo Pardo who designed the Ford GT. Tanner Foust, drift car racer and host of Top Gear USA will be the voice of the game.  Many missions can be activated while playing, like the drag race for example, hit the correct lanes to win the race and build your collection of cars to hit wizard mode.

There will be premium tables out for 2015, with added art. The third model will be signed, have art from the 1965 Mustang and 2015 mustang on the machine along with Chrome speaker grilles with the Mustang logo on them. Prices for these tables have not been announced yet.

This is the type of table I would love to get my hands on! Being a fan of awesome sports cars like the mustang and a pinball fan also this is like a dream table for me! I guess it will be time to start putting money in the piggy bank to score one of these awesome tables!