The Most Stolen Parts On Foreign Cars

car theftWhen it comes to car theft, the methods employed by criminals can be as diverse as the vehicles they target. However, many car owners may not realize that the choice of replacement parts in the aftermath of a theft can make a significant difference in the overall security and functionality of their vehicle.

In this article, we will cover how car thieves gain access, what they like to take, and the importance of using OEM parts for repair or replacement. Furthermore, we will show how you can acquire high-quality OEM parts at a fraction of the cost of new ones from Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts.

How And Why Car Thieves Gain Access To Vehicles

Breaking into a car is relatively easy for experienced criminals. Some car thieves choose a subtle approach, attempting to jimmy the lock open using makeshift tools like an unfolded coat hanger. By maneuvering the hanger between the car door frame and the body, they can physically grab the door handle and unlock the vehicle. Alternatively, they might employ a slim jim, a lock pick tool specially designed for car locks, inserting it into the space between the window and the door trim. With this method, they lift the latch mechanism inside the door to get inside the vehicle.

While these methods are relatively non-destructive, some thieves lack the patience to finesse their way in and resort to more brute force tactics. In these cases, they may use blunt objects like bats or rocks to smash the car window, providing swift and forceful entry. Once inside the vehicle, they typically need to start the engine to make a hasty getaway. To do this, they might resort to damaging the car’s ignition system or hot-wiring it by tampering with the dashboard or steering column, often by ripping it apart.

The repercussions of a car break-in can vary based on the method used by the thief. If the car thief successfully jimmied the lock, the door latch, lock mechanism, and even the door itself may be damaged. On the other hand, if the thief opted for the more aggressive approach and broke through the window, both the window and the door likely sustained damage.

If the entire vehicle is stolen, you may encounter further damage to the bottom of your dashboard and ignition switch. When the thief’s intent is limited to stealing specific components like the radio, additional harm can be inflicted upon the trim, climate controls, instrument panel, and other parts of the dashboard.

Often Stolen Parts

Thieves usually target specific car parts. They’ll focus on parts that have valuable components, or can be easily resold for a quick profit. Some of the most common are:

  1. Tires and Wheels: Custom wheels and tires are eye-catching and expensive – and thieves know this. You can try wheel locks, turning your wheels at a sharp angle, parking close to the curb, or using wheel locks to make it harder for thieves to remove your wheels.
  2. Batteries: Auto batteries are an easy target. With only a few tools, you can remove a car battery in minutes. Consider putting an electronic window alarm under you hood to alert if the hood is opened.
  3. Catalytic Converters: The catalytic converter is on the underside of your car which means thieves can slip under and steal them without ever being noticed. They contain valuable metals that metal recyclers might pay up to $200 for.
  4. Tailgates: Certain truck models have easy-to-remove tailgates that make them prime targets for theives. It’s usually a 2 man job, so be wary.

OEM Parts Matter For Security And Performance

Why does all of this matter in the context of OEM parts?

The quality and reliability of the replacement parts used in your car’s repair can significantly impact its security and overall performance. When you choose genuine OEM parts, you ensure that the components are designed to meet the manufacturer’s standards and specifications. This means they are more likely to fit and function correctly, safeguarding your vehicle from potential problems that subpar, non-OEM alternatives could cause.

Tom’s Is Your Source For OEM Parts

Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts is a reputable source of high-quality OEM components at a fraction of the cost. By choosing us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is being repaired with parts that meet the original manufacturer’s quality and safety standards, helping to maintain the integrity of your car’s security and performance.

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