Mitsubishi’s CA-MiEV and GR-HEV Hybrid Truck Concepts Will Debut in Geneva

With the announcement of two concept models, Mitsubishi continues to explore new options to enhance its range with fuel-efficient hybrids and zero-emissions EVs. The two studies are the CA-MiEV compact model, and the GR-HEV Sport Utility Hybrid Truck, which will be making their debut at next month’s Geneva Auto Show along with the European market Outlander PHEV.

mitsubishi 1
The first study is the battery-powered CA-MiEV, which Mitsubishi says takes “pure EVs beyond a mostly urban environment” and “is perfectly suited for suburban and country daily life.” Offering a driving range of 300 kilometers (186 miles) the compact model is said to features a light body and advanced aerodynamics.

mitsubishi 2The Concept GR-HEV on the other hand is a double-cap pickup truck with a futuristic exterior design and a hybrid powertrain that connects a Clean Diesel engine to a pair of electric motors and an unspecified battery, and which is claimed to return CO2 emissions of under 149 g/km. It useds Mitsubishi‘s full-time 4WD technology, featuring the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) integrated vehicle dynamics control system driveline.

Further details about both concepts are to be released in the coming weeks.