Meth Lab Advertised on Ford Pickup

Early Friday morning, October 5th, a Memphis police officer pulled over the driver of an old Ford pickup trunk on a routine patrol for driving a vehicle using antique-issue license plates.

The reason why the driver was pulled over is because these type of license plates are issued for automobiles that are considered classics or have some historic value and allow owners to drive them only during weekends and special occasions. Nevertheless, this was not the only violation the police officer discovered…

It turns out that the unnamed 43-year old driver of the truck has a suspended license and was on probation for manufacturing meth. In addition, the side and rear windows of the vehicle had large words painted on them that read “Meth Lab.”

To top all of that off, according to the report from WMC-TV, upon further investigation of the classic Ford truck, the Memphis police officers found two “Shake N Bake” plastic bottles, which are said to be commonly used in mobile meth labs.

Undoubtedly, the man was immediately arrested and charged with a range of violations starting with driving with a suspended license and ending with manufacturing meth.