Mercedes Creates Travel Vehicle for Pope

The new specially-made Popemobile was recently delivered to Rome, straight to Pope Benedict XVI himself. On hand to personally deliver the special vehicle to the head of the Catholics Church at the Vatican was Daimler AG chairman as well as Mercedes-Benz Cars Head, Dr. Zetsche.

“It is an honor for Mercedes-Benz to be accompanying His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on his future journeys with our new Popemobile,” Zetsche said. “As such, we are continuing our long-standing partnership with the Vatican. For more than 80 years now, Popes have been able to rely on the quality, safety, and comfort of our Mercedes-Benz vehicles.”

The special-purpose body of the Popemobile is designed to ensure the personal safety of such a prominent figure. After all, the Popemobile is the one vehicles that the Pope rides in for his special public appearances. In fact, the delivery of this vehicle happened just in time for the Pope to use it for his last public appearance, which this passed December 8th.

In addition to safety, Mercedes created this vehicle to guarantee the best possible level of comfort for the Pope. There’s a lot of space inside for the Pope with a freshly designed interior that features an extended dome, and it also makes sure that he gets in and out of the vehicle with ease. So the public can get as close as possible to the Pope without sacrificing security, larger glass panels allow for a maximized view of the Pope. Mercedes has been working on the  Popemobile, which is a modified M-Class, comes with a ‘diamond white’ paint job and has a reduced height, for some 9 months prior to delivery.