Meet Our Staff – Wil Cardona

Wil’s been on our sales team since 2007 serving our local retail and commercial customers. In his younger years Wil worked for us as a dismantler after graduating from W F Kaynor RVTS in 1990 where he studied Auto Body Technology. He left Tom’s to work at a local dealership selling cars. In 2007 Wil came back to work for us in sales and hasn’t looked back.

Tom's Foreign Auto Parts Wil Cardona

Wil’s got a positive attitude and excellent customer service skills. If prompt, accurate and courteous service is what you’re after then Wil is your guy. With years of customer service experience under his belt, he continues to shine as a star employee here at Tom’s Foreign. He’s also fluent in Spanish and provides top notch service to all of our Spanish speaking customers.

Wil is a family man and currently lives in Waterbury with his wife and kids. When he’s not spending time with the family you can find him deep into his music. He’s a music fanatic when he’s not at work and is currently the lead singer for one of CT’s premier classic rock bands, Unfinished Business.

Give Wil a call at
800-255-6656 ext 101