Marks Classic Cruise @ Marks Auto Parts 8-30-2010

Jim Eitvydas, owner of Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts, got a chance to check out Marks Classic Cruise last night. Mark’s Auto parts is a salvage yard located in East Granby CT. If you’ve ever flown out of Bradley Airport, you may have seen his place from over head. Its a very large and very organized salvage yard thats been around for a long time.  Mark of Mark’s Auto Parts puts on a car show almost every Monday night during the summer right outside the gates of his business.

This isn’t your average local cruise night. Marks Classic Cruise pulls in over 600 cars every monday night. He’s got a state of the art sound system installed throughout the entire field that, from what I hear its amazing. Ever been to a car show where all you hear is distorted announcers from miles away? This is not the case at Marks. He wanted to make sure that music and announcements were clear from any spot at the show. With music, food, dance floor, prizes and over 600 classic cars, its not a show to be missed.

Marks Classic Cruise has grown so much that Mark actually uses an airport hanger on the property to store all the machinery and equipment it takes to put on the show. We’re always blown away when we hear how many cars are there on a monday night. He pulls in more people on a Monday between 5-9pm then most shows do on a weekend. So if your in the neighborhood on a Monday night, make sure you take some time to check out Mark’s Classic Cruise. Jim snapped some teaser pics last night shown below. For more info check out or for show info check out