Jaipur Court Issues the Warrant for the Arrest of Porsche’s CEO

porsche and vw logoIn lieu of a cheating case filed by Precision Cars, an arrest warrant has been issued against the Porsche CEO and Chairman , Matthias Mueller and 8 other board members. Precision Cars used to be the importers of Porsche cars into India since 2004 until Porsche made Volkswagen Group Sales India the sole importer without any prior notice to Precision Cars. This incident occur last April which is why the conflict between the Indian car importer and the legendary German sports car maker began in the first place.

Precision Car has filed a case with the Jaipur Police with charges pertaining to cheating, extortion, dishonestly inducing delivery of property, criminal breach of trust and criminal conspiracy. On November 5, 2012, the local police and the Central Bureau of Investigations came into action and contacted the Interpol for the case, the reason being the accused are located in Germany and the UAE. Legal notices will be sent to the Porsche CEO and 8 board members as well.

Precision Cars claims that they have made efforts to sort the matter with Porsche directly and tried to solve the matter on their own, but since they received no response from the German company, they were forced to handle the issue legally. Precision Cars has filed six charges against Porsche at various locations in India and arbitration proceedings are already underway in  Dubai. Now everyone will have to wait to see what this case results in the overall approach of Volkswagen and Porsche. The media have not received any sort of response from the German companies.