Jaguar C-X75 Get Killed Off, Too Much of a Hassle

Jaguar made the final decision that making the C-X75 hyper car is not worth the hassle after all. As Jaguar was putting together the first prototype, the car was entering a critical phase in its development, but before the engineers finished, the hammer was thrown down to pull the plug.

Jaguar says that the main problem with the C-X75 was the cost of production. It has some super fancy systems to deliver the power to all four wheels, a very advanced powertrain with two electric motors, and it can make over 800 horsepower while emitting no more than 100 g/km CO2. This car was brilliant and could have made a proper rival for the Porsche 918, but building such a system is very expensive.

Actually, the cost would have pushed the final price of the car to between 800,000 to 1,000,000 converting over to around $1,040,000 to $1,300,000. After looking at the market and the world’s economic health, Jaguar decided that it is not the right time to even think about launching such a car. Even though it is not a good time to launch such a car, McLaren, Ferrari, and Porsche are still doing it while Pagani and Bugatti have been doing it for years.

Image courtesy of Pirelli Tire North America