Is Ford also Lying About MPG Ratings?

After the recent inaccurate MGP claims against Hyundai and Kia, Ford many now be under the spotlight as their new hybrid models’ fuel economy numbers don’t seem to be living up to expectations. Media and real-world results of the C-Max and Fusion Hybrid, Ford’s two newest hybrid models, have turned in disappointed mpg figures despite their EPA-estimated 47 mpg ratings.

Testers and owners of many C-Max Hybrids have reported barely attaining 40 mpg in their vehicles, while the Fusion Hybrid is struggling to even hit 40 mpg.

AutoGuide test drove the 2013 Ford Fusion and they noted that they were able to achieve a 40 mpg rating during their brief drive. This rating is better than they obtained driving the Camry Hybrid, which tested at 39 mpg. However, the Camry Hybrid mpg rating is claimed to be just 40 mpg (only one mpg difference) where the Fusion Hybrid comes out to be a seven mpg difference. Even though it is still too early to tell, these initial reports could point to a larger issue at a time when consumers are focused on real-world fuel economy after the recent claims by Hyundai and Kia.