Hyundai and Kia Partner with Google

Announced on Wednesday, January 2nd, Hyundai and Kia are making a change to their telematics setups and both companies will be integrating Google Maps into their vehicles navigation systems.

uvo kia
Both Hyundai‘s Blue Link, and Kia’s UVO systsm will now use Google Maps to search for locations and directions, and Google Places to find points of interest and information about them. Since Google Maps and Google Places are constantly being updated with new information, both companies think that is will make finding locations and information easier. Google-powered systems will also have voice activated point of interest searching available.

In addition, a cell phone app will be available that allows the car’s owner to send directions to their car, which will be ready to use next time the owner sets out on a drive. The Google-powered Kia UVO setup will debut in the 2014 Sorento, where as it is unknown what vehicle Hyundai will choose to debut the system.